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What People Say About Us

We have helped thousands over the years. This is a small sampling of the feedback we receive from our clients on a regular basis.

OC Total Wellness saved my life! When I was diagnosed with cancer, my doctor gave me a 20% chance of recovery. After the treatment from Diane Wendell, I am cancer free.

I was very impressed by the level of clinical expertise Diane Wendell displays when nutritionally helping clients with very complex health problems. I feel my background and experience qualifies me to recommend without reservation Diane Wendell as an excellent clinical nutritionist and educator. We need more people like her!

I am a 51 year old woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. In order to survive chemo, you need a strong immune system, which I lacked. Diane put me on a good nutrition program that built up my immune system and kept my lymphatic systems clear. Six weeks after my last chemo treatment, my blood is perfectly normal!

I was having some bowel problems, so I came to see Diane Wendell. I went through a lot of stress and she helped me through that. My health has been very good because of the supplements. I have a lot of energy for my age; I am now 82!

I started having pain in my chest and shortness of breath. I went to the hospital and the doctor said my arteries were over 90% blocked and my veins were too small to use. He said ‘you might live another year if you stay on your diet and take your medication.’ Then my daughter told me about Diane Wendell. She put me on a nutritional regimen and I just continued to get better. I went for another checkup and the doctor told me he could not believe how awesome my heart was functioning. People tell me they cannot believe I am 74 years old!

OC Total Wellness has always carried the best products around. The service has been great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Without Diane Wendell’s help I would still be in a black hole of depression, feeling bad inside and out. I went to other doctors for help, but the depression always came back. I thank God I heard about you and your program. Now it has been over a year and I feel great; my husband is happy about that too.

When I came to Diane Wendell, I was stressed out, overweight and exhausted. The program Diane put me on worked immediately and the results were amazing. Dropping thirty five pounds was great, but that’s not all. My hair that was falling out is now beginning to grow, my food cravings ceased, and my stress levels decreased. My greatest compliment is to hear how calm and serene I’ve become.

I was already past the A and B stages of Hepatitis and had entered into C. They diagnosed a chronic liver infection and said I was dying. While seeing Diane Wendell, I have changed my diet and am metabolically cleansing with supplement support. After two months, the doctor’s report showed that my liver was 50% repaired and the diabetes had gone down from 276 to almost normal!

When I came to see Diane Wendell I was physically and emotionally exhausted due to stress and terrible eating habits. Through cleansing and counseling, she educated me in a way that has changed my lifestyle permanently. I now require less than 7 hours of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. My body fat has dropped, muscle definition improved and my confidence has greatly increased.

My son was diagnosed with autism and ADHD. He would get upset when things didn’t go well, he tired very easily and was also underweight. After meeting with Diane Wendell, I started giving my son the herbs and supplements that very night; he still takes them to this day. He has regained his energy, gained weight and is a calmer person overall. I thank God for the blessing of my son’s progress and for leading me to Diane Wendell. I have seen the difference she makes.

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