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We understand the importance of your wellness. To achieve your wellness objectives, you have come to expect the highest levels of service and patient care. As a result, we continuously commit ourselves to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Browse through our innovative services and see how we can help.

We offer individualized nutritional protocols for specific conditions in order to cultivate optimal wellness. We take a holistic approach when dealing with health challenges by looking at your body as a whole and understanding how different parts of the body work together to create a balanced, healthy organism. We use preventative methods in order to see the root cause of your health challenges and to help you get to your maximum state of wellbeing, versus treating the symptoms which is characteristic of traditional medical care. Specializing in chronic conditions, our personalized programs provide comprehensive nutritional evaluation, analysis and recommendations. We use a combination of a modified diet and nutritional supplementation to promote natural healing and lifestyle change.

Specialties include:

  • Naturally restoring vitality and energy
  • Controlling blood sugar issues
  • Naturally balancing hormones
  • Relieving anxiety, depression, and panic attacks
  • Enhancing clarity, memory, and focus
  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Losing weight and diet for specific needs
  • Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure

Upon arrival as you check in with our pleasant front office staff, you will be handed intake forms that will ask specific questions regarding your health history, current health challenges, and personal health goals. Once completed, we will start your health evaluation with a Bio-Impedance Analysis, blood pressure reading, zinc testing, height and weight, as well as pH testing. These initial measurements are recorded to provide continual tracking of your progress.

Together with the initial health evaluations and Live Cell Analysis, your personalized wellness program is created in accordance with the indicated results. Our programs are not “one size fits all,” but are designed for each individual and their specific needs and nutritional requirements.

Our lifestyle counseling helps individuals begin a transition to health and wellness as a way of life. By breaking detrimental habits, addictions and cravings, a healthy lifestyle is not only accessible but a manageable goal. This is accomplished through one-on-one counseling and education to discover lifestyle behaviors and habits that can be implemented in everyday life. Our certified Lifestyle Educators offer expert guidance and support in achieving optimal levels of success in health and wellness to provide you with a lifestyle program that can be easily followed for a lifetime.

A BioImedpedence Analysis will be administered for each appointment, enabling clients to track their progress. Clients will receive an individualized meal plan according to their daily caloric intake and activity levels, plus a list of recommended healthy foods to choose from at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. By consistently introducing change and creating new habits, clients can expect an easy, achievable transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Each appointment includes:

  • BioImpedence Analysis
  • Introduction to Program
  • Client Interview
  • Discussion of BioImpedence Analysis Results
  • Assignment of Meal Plan
  • Goal Setting for Next Appointment

Are you looking for an alternative to blood tests? A biomeridian analysis is a safe, non-invasive, full-body scan that provides immediate results.

Using state-of-the-art Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement technology, a biomeridian analysis scans all the major body systems and is able to detect:

  • Energy and stress levels
  • Toxins
  • Pathogens
  • Active and dormant viruses
  • Mold and fungus
  • Food and environmental allergies
  • Hormonal levels
  • Heavy metals
  • Vitamin and mineral imbalances
  • Electric Magnetic Fields imbalances

So how does it work?
Biomeridian analysis works by testing the neurological pathways of meridians in the human body.  It is a galvanic skin response measurement device that tests the neurological pathways of the meridians in the human body. Meridians are a system of energetic pathways which pass through organs and tissues. Each meridian associates to a particular organ or system, and the impedance level within that meridian usually correlates to the functional state of that organ or system. It works by measuring the resistance to electrical impedance within the meridian pathway.  For example, inflamed tissue has more conductivity and weakened tissue has less conductivity. This information is detected, recorded and analyzed by the Bio-Meridian instrument and computer. This is a tool to gain insight of the related functional health of each organ and system according to the relationship of Bio-Impedance Measurement and functional health set forth by Dr. Reinhold Voll and allowed by the FDA.  The impedance, or resistance, level within each meridian correlates to the functional state of the organ or system it passes through.  Biomeridian analysis works simply by detecting, measuring, recording, and analyzing resistance to electrical impedance within meridian pathways.There are 20 meridians that are tested. They are: Lung, Lymph, Heart, Liver, Skin, Gall Bladder, Endocrine, Circulation, Stomach, Metabolism, Joint, Nerve, Allergy, Kidney, Fatty Tissue, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Pancreas/Spleen, Connective Tissue, and Urinary Bladder.  After the testing is performed by our Certified Advanced Biomeridian Technician, Tammy Fish, N.D., M.S., H.N., R.Mm, the results are printed, analyzed and discussed with the client.  Testing may be performed again to check future progress and improvement.

Please note:
A biomeridian analysis cannot diagnose or treat any condition of a system or organ. A biomeridian analysis is a preventative tool to gain insight of the related functional health of each organ and system according to the relationship of Bio-Impedance Measurement and functional health set forth by Dr. Reinhold Voll and allowed by the FDA. All devices used have FDA registration and CE approval.

One drop of blood opens a window into the body’s internal environment and speaks volumes about one’s health status. With Live Cell Analysis, clients can see for themselves how poor eating, nutritional deficiencies, drinking habits, lack of water, and stress negatively affect one’s health at the cellular level. Clients can see their progress charted visibly with each visit by improvements made within the cell itself.

Live Cell Analysis is an accurate identification of the stages of basic pathology that affect normal functioning of the immune system, blood cells, and platelets. It is an interpretation of the evolutionary stages of the pleomorphic cycle of micro-organisms (i.e. fungus and mold) and their effects on human health in the blood. Live Cell Analysis is a device to optimize the use of energy, biological nutrition, and supplementation as the soul protocols derived from oxidative stress testing. It facilitates an accurate identification and interpretation of the blood terrain phenomenon set forth by the discoveries of Dr. Gunter Enderlein.

Live Cells Analysis measures 30 different types of blood scenarios, and can reveal:

  • Fungus and Mold
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Parasites in the Bloodstream
  • Environmental and Food Allergens
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Immune Deficiency
  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • B12/Folic Acid Deficiency
  • Oxidative Stress

A Bioimpediance Analysis (BIA) evaluates energy in the cells, the bio-markers for health and body composition. This is the assessment of changes in electrical tissue conductivity that indicate altered body composition. Specifically, a BIA accurately estimates:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate:Measures the energy used to maintain normal body functions when the body is at rest. This is helpful in determining calorie usage.
  • Body Capacitance: Indicates total energy stored in body cells. Indicates cell strength and how resistant cells are to free-radical damage
  • Body Fat:Includes subcutaneous and visceral fat and determines health risk as in Syndrome X.
  • Body Mass Index:This is the ratio between height and weight and is a better predictor of disease risk than body weight alone.
  • Extracellular Mass / Body Cell Mass Ratio: Indicates whether you are increasing muscle mass or living off your existing muscle.
  • Intra-Cellular and Extra-Cellular Water:This analyzes cellular function, anabolic metabolism, and catabolic states. It also measures cell membrane integrity, mitochondrial energy levels, and regulation of electrolytes.
  • Lean Body Mass:Body weight excluding all body fat.
  • Phase Angle:Resistance and reactance (the best indicators of cellular health and function) measure how much charge the cell membrane can hold.
  • Total Body Water: Represents the overall hydration of the cells. Low numbers indicate that either you are not drinking enough water, the cells are not absorbing the electrolytes correctly, or possibly there is stress on the adrenals.